power bank
power bank

power bank

Custom printed power banks, external batteries for smartphones.

Our power banks are compatible with most of the smartphone devices and recharge quickly in any situation thanks to the USB port. Their cool and trendy format makes them pleasing to the eye as well as convenient and practical to carry and use.

The Power Bank works like a normal charger with the difference that you don't need a power outlet.

When it runs out of power, simply connect it to your PC and thanks to the USB cable included in the package it will recharge and be available for further recharges of your devices.

The power banks are also available with colored bases on which to customize your print.

The latest generation of high-capacity power banks also includes wireless charging and are customizable with your logo on the soft touch surface.

Integrated white or colored led to illuminate your logo, if desired.

Equipped with dual input and dual output for charging multiple devices simultaneously, with innovative type-C USB port for fast charging.


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