Custom external hard drives, promotional external hard drives.

Customization of external hard drives

Concept CD is able to provide, customize and manage the printing and personalization of external hard drives , starting from your logo, slogan and services up to supplying 100% customized external hard drives, unique and excellent as a communication tool that can increase your business or as a corporate gift idea. Our external hard drives are compatible with all Windows and Mac computers. Their cool and trendy format, beautiful to look at and compact in size also makes them comfortable, practical and easy to use and carry. External hard drives work like a normal hard drive but portable, therefore useful for saving useful and sensitive data or for transporting large files. Our customized external hard drives are "Plug and play" and use the fast USB 3.0 connection. Their data storage capacity is very large as they are equipped with a space of 500 GB, this means that if you need to save large files in the hard disk you can do it. The very compact dimensions make it not only transportable but also "pocket", in fact its dimensions from 2.5 "- 6.4 cm mean that this external hard disk is not only beautiful but also comfortable and practical. It is a hard disk always at hand, in any situation, but with your communication or logo printed on it.

Promotional external hard drives

Our customized external hard drives are also available ready for delivery, with the possibility of personalizing them even in 24/48 hours . Contact us and request more information.

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Printed external hard drives

You can customize external hard drives with simply a print of your logo or slogan of your business, or make it a useful communication object for your business or for your promotional events.

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Neutral external hard drives

The customization of external hard drives takes place by printing directly on the surface of the same, which usually has a neutral base. Choose your base according to your needs or corporate colors.

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Themed printed external hard drives

External hard drives are also available with pre-printed graphics of different themes.

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