Personalized USB sticks, personalized USB sticks

USB key duplication

Concept CD is able to supply, customize and manage the duplication of USB sticks , starting from predefined shapes, colors and materials up to designing and supplying a USB stick with original and unique shapes , like those of your products. There is the possibility to choose shapes, colors, standard materials but also to be able to create your own USB key from scratch by choosing and creating the shape based on the shape of the company products, for an exclusive communicative impact. USB sticks can be printed on both metal and plastic or treated wood. There are various combinations that can be used, as well as for the closure of the key itself which can be done through "caps" with magnetic closure or through cords or hinges.


Personalized USB sticks

USB sticks can be made in various ways, especially in an original and unique way by creating a unique shape that takes the shape of your service or company product. You can choose the shape, the colors, the materials and even the packaging, we will take care of everything to be able to provide you with your next personalized usb sticks .

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Standard USB sticks

Standard USB sticks can be chosen from a large gallery of sticks with classic shapes and materials. They are pre-established shapes present in large quantities on the market which can however be customized with the printing of your logo. The most classic shapes used are those in the shape of a credit card, in the shape of a key or the classic rectangular ones with a removable cap. The advantage of these keys is their manufacturing cost, which is reduced by the enormous availability of the key on the market.

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Custom usb pens

The custom usb pens are keys designed and built completely from scratch based on the customer's project and product drawing. Any shape and color can be recreated starting from a 3D drawing of the desired object. The desired shape is first processed on the computer by creating a 3D model through which a plastic mold and scale can be created at a later time, which will be the reference for the reproduction of all copies of the keys. It is possible to make print samples.

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USB packs

The packages for usb sticks can be infinite, in fact you can create shapes and sizes of any type according to the needs of the product. Furthermore, in addition to the shape, it is also possible to choose and then customize the material, from cardboard to wood, from aluminum to steel. The packages to be combined with the chosen USB sticks can also be created through the study and collaboration of your communication agency or your trusted printer.

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