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Luxury Gift

Innovative study and development of exclusive luxury gifts to give your brand a touch of elegance and value, through a well-structured inside strategy and inside creativity.
The introductory meeting with the client and the step-by-step development of the project allows us to outline the communication asset and finally meet customer satisfaction.
We find the best branding awareness strategies, taking care of the creative, design and printing processes, and create brand identity and communication campaigns through the exclusivity of luxury gifts.

Vinyl records

Exclusivity by vocation and timeless appeal are the guidelines when turning your attention to the vinyl record. Its meticulous and special production technique makes it a timeless must-have.
Production, engraving and duplication of your favourite vinyl records.
Design from the graphic study to the final packaging of the product, with the possibility of choosing the exclusive packaging that best suits the communication needs of the end customer.

Packaging and customized packaging

We develop exclusive, high-quality packaging for your gifts.
We study the design, the brand image to be conveyed and the concept to be developed to enhance and improve the final look.
We strive to constantly look for the best materials, shapes and innovation that distinguishes the quality of our products.
Together with the customer we design a study that can perfectly adapt to his communication and marketing needs, also evaluating the technical and production aspects.

Printing and customization of electronic devices

Design, development and customisation of electronic devices for your best marketing strategy. You can define the design, colours, materials and shapes.
We aim to guarantee a product with exclusive, original and innovative lines through the high standards that have always distinguished our products.
We give life to innovation through technology together with our customers.

Promotional accessories

Study, development and customisation of promotional products that range from hi-tech, giftware, paper design to fashion clothing.
We propose the best solutions so that a simple object can become "communicative" through customisation with your own logo. The planning of the accessory development project is made through the creation of a basic link with your corporate brand image.

Staging for luxury events, trade fairs and ceremonies

Study, development and design for the staging of your event. We assist you and support you in the development of every impressive means of communication and design that best suits the needs of your company, your brand and your advertising campaigns.

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