Who we are

Founded in 2008, Concept CD soon established itself as a leading provider of exclusive custom communication services on the Italian market.

Concept Communication Design is in fact a consolidated and dynamic consulting, communication and production company, which finds in the development and promotion of communication products its main business.

Our professional and reliable team is actively involved in providing the highest quality standards of the products and services offered. We provide a wide range of innovative and fashionable solutions and we help our loyal customers to optimize their investment strategy supporting them towards conscious and winning choices.

For us at Concept CD, communication consists in an ongoing creative and challenging marketing project.

We carefully analyse every need of our customers, and after identifying the concept and the brand identity, we help them find the way to the best communication project.

Thanks to a wide range of innovative products and services, Concept CD stands out from its competitors and has a strong presence in a highly fragmented market.

The customer satisfaction rate in the different processes, from the idea, the presentation, the production and the delivery of a project is very high and attests to our expertise. The customer retention rate is very high too.

The beating heart of Concept CD is our staff, made of competent, dynamic and qualified people who constantly demonstrate their commitment, dedication and ability to work as a team.

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We base our activity on a few fundamental principles:

Highest quality of service provided
We are committed to ensuring the best performance in the management of your project and the delivery of the service, in line with high quality standards.

Expertise and Reliability

We have always based our activity on our expertise and reliability to successfully obtain customers’ loyalty.
Our group is made up of different professional people who are able to merge together perfectly. The Management, consisting of people with many years of experience in the field; the digital-tech, graphic and communication division that takes care of and enhances the image; the operational, technical, commercial and production staff, active in assisting the customer at all stages of the project.
We carefully select our staff and strive to be efficient and prepared to fully meet the needs of our customers.


A company mission that has quickly become more important for us, with a special focus on the eco green world. Respect for nature and its habitat, smarter and less polluting products are at the base of an environmentally aware philosophy which we are commited to.