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CD and DVD printing and personalization

Our company has been operating for many years in the field of CD and DVD printing and duplication. We are able to duplicate your optical media for both small and large quantities. For small quantities we use digital printing technology, thus satisfying even minimum quantities (starting from 10 pieces). This technology allows you to create very flexible quantities with high quality and in a short time. In fact, high resolution professional digital printers are used, both inkjet and thermal, which connected to robotic arms are able to work even in full autonomy. On the other hand, as regards high quantities, industrial silk-screen / offset printing is used with duplication of the content by means of glassmaster. This industrial printing and duplicating method is considered when quantities exceed 1000 or 2000 pieces.

Optical media: cd, dvd, mini cd, cd card, blu-ray

Whatever your printing needs, we are able to supply any optical media on the market, from CD to DVD, from blue-ray to CD-card. Our optical media can be supplied in a variety of ways, both blank and recordable and duplicated through your master.

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Printing is the phase of the work that deals with personalizing the surface of the disc, be it a cd or dvd. The printing of the disc surface (called label) can be done in digital inkjet or thermal, or industrially in screen printing or offset. The first two methods are used when a few pieces are printed and duplicated, while the other two methods are used with industrial duplications. The quality now achieved by all the methods is almost identical, but often one type of printing can be chosen rather than another in case of printing need through the use, for example, of pantone colors.


Duplication is the phase of the work that deals with taking the original content of the media to be duplicated and replicating it x times according to the customer's needs. On the basis of the quantities, also in this case, one methodology is used rather than another. In digital, the copies are made through the use of professional robotic burners, while industrially the duplication of the various supports is achieved through the creation of a support called "glassmaster" which will be used by special industrial machines that will replicate the content to the inside of this glassmaster, in the various supports provided.


Packaging is the part of this work, which deals with predicting which package will accompany the disc in its distribution on the market. There are infinite packages that can be chosen and combined with various optical media, from rigid ones (Jewell box, slim box, DVD Box, etc ...) to soft ones (PVC bags, paper bags, etc ...) , without forgetting all the various packages that can be created and customized by making them in cardboard (Digipack, cardboard sachets, DVD Packs, etc ...). Furthermore, each package can in turn be wrapped (to protect it) in a transparent film.

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