Promotional gadgets. Supply and customization.

Supply and personalization of corporate promotional gadgets.

We have a consolidated experience in the promotional and corporate objects sector, gained in over 15 years of experience. We are able to supply different types of promotional products, in various sectors: hi-tech objects, usb, products for the office, for shops, clothing products, equipment in general, etc ... Any sector is able to express an object that can be made "communicative" through a simple customization with its logo and colors. We are able to produce a highly diverse range of items intended primarily for the promotion and advertising of your products and services.


Standard or customized promotional gadgets

In addition to a wide range of promotional items and gadgets, you can also choose to create your own promotional gadget by choosing anything, from the object itself to the materials and colors. Through our graphic laboratory it is possible to design the desired final product.

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Standard gadget

The wide range of corporate promotional items and gadgets allows an almost infinite choice among the items available on the market, from the classic hat to the t-shirt, passing through pens or mugs, etc ... Each classic object can be customized with your logo and slogans so as to create nice and effective communication tools to be distributed among customers and potential customers.

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Thanks to our company organization we are able to provide a personalized and high quality service with the aim of designing and implementing every single personalized communication idea that the customer desires. Starting from a business card or a logo on paper we are able to create final objects of high impact and quality.

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And if your need is to create an entire corporate coordination of your communication objects and products, there is no problem. We are able to study together with the customer a whole series of communication products containing your graphic coordination, an essential link that binds each product to your company.

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